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Tillman FET Guitar Preamp audience -- I congenital it

Tillman FET Guitar Preamp audience -- I congenital it Video Clips. Duration : 3.48 Mins.

I built this superb clean sounding and elegant Discrete FET Guitar Preamp designed by Don Tillman. This lends a beautiful clean sound to the guitar best used for clean guitar playing. I designed the circuit board myself. The lead guitar and rhythm guitar parts are played through the Tillman preamp, and is recorded with no EQ or compression, just the natural sound that came out of the speakers of the guitar amplifier. To listen in stereo type &fmt=18 at the end of the URL, or just click on this link: www.youtube.com Recorded on the Yamaha AW1600 I HOPE YOU LIKE IT! Article I wrote about it on the Telecaster forum www.tdpri.com

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QRP Ham Radio Project - Perfboard Transmitter

QRP Ham Radio Project - Perfboard Transmitter Video Clips. Duration : 2.27 Mins.

QRP "Homebrewed" QRP Transmitter using perfboard (temporary circuit board) construction technique for prototype two stage 160 meter solid state CW transmitter using 1843 kHz crystal controlled 2N222 NPN oscillator and IRF510 power MOSFET transistor power amplifier pi output filter: approximate power output 1.2Watts.

Tags: QRP, Ham, Radio, Transmitter, 160, meter, NG

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Incroyables Expériences [67] Générateur Haute Tension / Wireless ability alteration (actuelle)

Incroyables Expériences [67] Générateur Haute Tension / Wireless ability alteration (actuelle) Video Clips. Duration : 4.93 Mins.

Générateur haute tension (THT) : Nous sommes parvenus à obtenir des résultats très intéressants à partir d'un système qui à la particularité d'être relativement simple (si si !). En effet celui-ci est tiré du Joule Thief, un montage très intéressant que nous présentons déjà dans deux de nos vidéos à l'heure actuelle. Ce montage est connu pour pouvoir faire allumer correctement une LED qui nécessite 3 volts au minimum pour avec seulement une pile de 1.2 volts. Il utilise en fait une propriété que nous appelons nous "Phénomène d'induction" qui fait que l'on peut augmenter une tension en injectant un courant discontinu dans une bobine, à chaque fois que le courant est coupé une tension élevée est produite (dépendante de l'inductance de la bobine). (toutes les informations que nous donnons ici ne sont que des constatations de nos expériences, elles peuvent être fausses en "théorique" mais c'est la "pratique" qui nous les fournit... nos connaissances, et ceci est valable pour beaucoup de nos vidéos nous sont venues en expérimentant il n'est pas impossible que nous fassions des erreurs. Tout compte fait cette expériences fonctionnent =D). Pour obtenir des tensions encore plus élevées avec ce système nous utilisons une troisième bobine, indépendantes des deux premières qui ne fait que "piquer" l'énergie électromagnétique intense qui se trouve autour d'une barre de ferrite pour la transformer en une tension élevée (que l'on estime, une fois de plus sans en être sur à 3Kv). L ...

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Boss BASS1200

Boss BASS1200 Video Clips. Duration : 1.13 Mins.

BEST OFFER WWW.AMAZON.COM Customer Reviews: "I have a Forester with aftermarket speakers and radio. I did not want to give up space in my cargo area but was interested in supplementing the low-end audio. After trimming my underseat vents, I was able to install this fairly easily. (Be prepared to remove a seat to mount this unit properly, though.) Afterwards, I was pleased with the flexibility and output of this unit. Even with reggae and other bass-heavy music, this unit works well. Let me be clear though--it won't knock your socks off. It will faithfully reproduce the bass and mid-bass but its output does not resonate much outside the vehicle. If it is your intention to impress others outside the car--this is not the unit for you. For those with space limitations though, including those with convertibles, you probably can't do much better, in terms of rated frequency response. This Boss Audio unit is reasonably priced at Amazon and is more than capable, especially compared with other powered ultra-compact subwoofers such as those from Kenwood or Blaupunkt." "I have this sub installed in my 2008 Tacoma Access cab. I have an aftermarket stereo with high quality component speakers, but was lacking the low end only a sub can provide. The BOSS 1200 unit is exactly as advertised and does a great job of providing the low end I was lacking. Pros: -Compact - if installed properly it will take up zero space in your vehicle and will likely be unseen -Plenty of tuning options -Tight ...

Keywords: Boss BASS1200, Boss, BASS1200, Enclosed Subwoofer Systems, Enclosed, Subwoofer, Systems

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JHS Pedals Banana Boost

JHS Pedals Banana Boost Video Clips. Duration : 4.23 Mins.

Welcome back to ProGuitarShop.com where we're looking at the versatile Banana Boost from JHS Pedals. On the surface, this looks like a simple effect but it actually incorporates two different boost circuits and offers a blend control for multiple tone combinations. The JHS Banana Boost's Sweep knob provides a classic treble booster to the left and a full range MOSFET boost to the right. Use the generous output of the Banana Boost to push your tube amp into overdrive or chisel out a singing lead tone on an already dirty amp. JHS Pedals also recommends placing their Banana Boost before dirt pedals for added gain and excitement! proguitarshop.com

Keywords: JHS, Pedals, Banana, Boost

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Class D audio amplifier application alone the 555 timer IC

Class D audio amplifier application alone the 555 timer IC Video Clips. Duration : 4.83 Mins.

More fun with the ubiquitous 555 timer IC. Using pin 5 on the IC as an audio input to modulate the width of the 80Khz pulses, I connect the output to a speaker who's voice coil acts as an adequate filter for the HF signal, leaves us with audio. In this case Jimi Hendrix!

Keywords: pulse, width, modulation, modulated, 555, timer, integrated, circuit, IC, class, audio, amplifier

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Laser Tripwire ambit / photoresistor tutorial

Laser Tripwire ambit / photoresistor tutorial Video Clips. Duration : 1.43 Mins.

Afroman takes a cadmium sulphide photoresistor and uses it to build a laser tripwire circuit that can trigger pretty much anything. Don't forget to vote 5 and watch Afroman's Transistor tutorial if you need more info on how to switch different gadgets on and off.

Keywords: laser, trip, wire, tripwire, beam, electronics, circuit, photocell, photoresistor, light, dependent, resistor, LDR, lazer, alarm